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Things to Know - Changes to CISPR 14

Changes to CISPR 14 Standard Electromagnetic compatibility - Requirments for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus was modified in November 2008. The new amendment to CISPR 14 sets new limits for all cordless power tools. The limits are specified on Page 5 of the document. The added limits state "Both mains powered appliances and battery powered appliances are included." Additionally all apparatus now must meet a radiated requirment from 30 MHz to 1 GHz by 2011 for all new and old appliances. Jastech EMC Consulting is seeing an increase in customers contacting us for help with compliance to the new revision. If you sell products in Europe, you might want to check and see if this affects you.

A Comment on this Information:

I would like to point out a small error in your July 2009 newsletter. On page 3, under the heading - 'Things to know - Changes to CISPR 14', you have mentioned:

"Additionally, all apparatus now must meet a radiated requirement from 30 MHz to 1 GHz by 2011 for all new and old appliances"

The year for compliance - 2011 is not generally applicable. CISPR released the official amendment (AMD1) to CISPR 14-1 in November 2008. The next step is that, national and/or regional standard bodies then ratify this amended CISPR standard at a date of their choosing. Once ratified, these bodies then set a transition period. Transition periods can differ from region to region and country to country. At the end of the transition period, compliance with the standard becomes mandatory in that particular region.

For example, the European Union ratified the amended CISPR 14-1 in April 2009. They have set a transition period of 3 years. This means, compliance with this standard will become mandatory in Europe sometime in April 2012.

Australia/New Zealand ratified the amendment in June 2009. They have set a transition period of 2 years. So compliance there would become mandatory in June 2011.

As far as USA is concerned, I have the information that they have not adopted this amended CISPR 14-1 which means they will not impose any emission limits for cordless power tools.

Hope this information helps.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Moosa Ali Khan

Project Manager - EMC Strategy & Operations Worldwide