Jastech EMC Consulting LLC

EMC Training

These courses will help you:
  • Grasp the principles of electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Understand EMC design requirements in a system.
  • Develop a logical system approach to EMC design.

Current Training Seminars Offered

"Automotive Electronic Design Techniques and Analysis Required to Meet EMC Requirements"

May 16 & 17, 2013 

Two Day Course Outline & Registration


"System Engineering Approach on How to Design, Validate, and Simulate IC Decoupling"

June 7,2013

One Day Course Outline & Registration

Current in-house Seminars Offered


"Advanced EMC Printed Circuit Board Techniques"

One Day Course Outline

"EMC Suppression techniques for DC Motors"

One Day Course Outline

"High Speed IC Decoupling Design for Printed Circuit Boards"

One Day Course Outline


"System Level Approach to EMC Shielding on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles"

One Day Course Outline

If you are interested please Email: jim@jastech-emc.com or call 248-876-4810

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