Jastech EMC Consulting LLC

20th International Zurich Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility

Title workshop Module Level EMI Measurements and Estimation
Organizer's name H.R. Hofmann and Hiroshi Yamane
Organizer's affiliation Hofmann Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering, IL, USANTT Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan
This workshop describes the technical measurement methods for measuring emissions from module products and to determine emission levels. Included in the requirements are, measurement methods and evaluation of emission level.  
Introduction by Haruyoshi Nagasawa, VCCI  
"Introduction to VCCI Kit Module EMI Program - An approach for module level EMI quantification" - by Akihisa SAKURAI, IBM Japan/VCCI.

"Predicting Module Level RF Emissions from IC Emissions Measurements using a 1 GHz TEM or GTEM Cell - a Review of Related Published Technical Papers," by Jim Muccioli, Jastech EMC consulting.

"The Workbench Faraday Cage," by Stef Worm, Philips Applied Technologies.  
"VDE Method for the ground Current using 150 Ohms/1 Ohms Resistance probe" by Dr. Bernd Deutschmann, Infineon Technologies AG.  
"Magnetic Probe Method - Application for Memory Modules" - by Shozo Satake, VCCI.